The Countryside Area

Celebrating the best our countryside has to offer

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The Countryside Area

The Countryside Area
The Countryside Area

Agriculture and care for the countryside go together.

In the  Countryside Area you'll enjoy a magnificent cross-section of country life - current and traditional, peaceful and hectic, familiar and surprising.

The lake is teeming with wildlife; the gentle, graceful art of fly fishing is demonstrated here. Birds of prey and rare breeds can be witnessed and admired at close quarters.

There's an air of tranquillity, of peace. You can rest here before moving on. Or spend time here, watching and enjoying a complete programme run by skilled and dedicated country people doing what they love to do.

This is also a place of learning. About the importance of conservation and understanding the fabric of the countryside around us. The area will again include working displays of a large number of country skills and the Cornish Heritage Marquee featuring displays by a wide range of local organisations.

A lake, two demonstration rings and a range of fascinating exhibits.


Demonstration Programmes for the Countryside and Lake area will be confirmed in the lead up to the Show.



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