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Cage Birds

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Cage Birds

Cage Birds
Cage Birds

The Cage Birds Section

One of the innovations in the Cage Birds marquee in recent years has been the demonstration aviaries.

It's a feature which introduces many different species of birds to visitors and has been very popular.

This year there are expected to be more varieties than ever on show.

Watch out for parrots, budgies, canaries - even blackbirds and song thrushes. These are not birds caught from the wild but bred in captivity. With so many species now endangered in this country and around the world, people who keep birds have a vital conservation role to play.


How to enter

The cage birds section prize schedule and entry form will be available to download below:


Cage Birds Schedule

Certificate of Entry 2023


Further information

Please contact the Section secretary:

Mr Ron Hancock



Closing date for entries

Cage birds section Catalogue entries close on: 1st May (Catalogued Entries)

Entries after the above date will be accepted up to and including evening of 2nd June but will not be inserted in the catalogue.



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