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Wandering around the cattle lines at the Royal Cornwall Show is one of the highlights for many visitors.

This is, after all, a "proper" agricultural show and when you can get this close to these beautiful and striking beasts - every one an ambassador for its breed - you realise why.

The animals themselves are hugely impressive. And to see how well they are cared for and the amount of work that goes into that care is also quite something to behold.

Outside you can see judging in progress and the grand parade is as magnificent a sight as you are likely to see.

Please note that due to health and safety considerations whilst significant numbers of animals are moving, access to various areas of the cattle halls will be restricted to exhibitors and officials wearing the correct wristbands.

This applies during judging on the first day and second morning of the show and during the grand parades on the afternoons of days two and three.

It is hoped that it will be possible to keep some areas open at times when those stock are not being moved.

This will depend on breed numbers exhibited and cattle hall layout. We apologise for any inconvenience suffered but of course during restricted periods, very large numbers of stock will be on show in the judging rings or main ring (during parades).