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Royal Cornwall dog show secures Crufts qualifiers

The canine section staged at this year’s Royal Cornwall Show (6-8 June) has been promoted to Premier Open Show status for the first time which will create many chances for exhibitors to qualify for the World’s largest dog show, Crufts.

A total of 56 dogs competing at Wadebridge in June will qualify for the Kennel Club’s prestigious flagship event to be held during March 2020.

Dogs are divided into seven groups at shows; Pastoral, Working, Hounds, Gundogs, Toys, Utility & Terrier. The top four dogs and four puppies in each group will now secure coveted Crufts qualification.

The change comes after the Kennel Club recently introduced major reforms as part of the biggest shake-up to the open show scene for more than a generation.

Following extensive consultations with show societies, exhibitors, judges and other interested parties, the Kennel Club acted to increase interest in local shows that are an important part of dog showing.

The ability to obtain a Premier Open Dog Show licence came on the condition that more breeds of dog were accommodated and all existing breeds will have two classes instead of one within the Show’s canine section.

In response, classes have been expanded this year to include Belgian Shepherd Dogs – Malinois; Bouvier des Flanders; Dogues de Bordeaux; Bedlington Terriers; Cesky Terriers; Dandie Dinmont Terriers; Jack Russell Terriers; Greyhounds; Gordon Setters and Clumber Spaniels.

Jennifer Hick, secretary of the canine section said:

“With even more breed classes and so many opportunities to qualify for Crufts we look forward to extra interest and entries at the already popular canine section at the Royal Cornwall Show.”

Online entries close for the canine section on Sunday 21st April. Full entry information can be found by visiting: www.royalcornwallshow.org/competitors/dogs.



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